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Donald Johnson will send a template on the MIPA list serve in case advisers would like to make additional copies.

To see the judges’ comments, please, log in to BetterBNC.  The score sheets will be available from April 1, to April 31.

Below are links to a listing of all the awards, the slideshow, and examples of the All Missouri winners’ work.

List of all the 2021 Awards

Slideshow of the Awards

Links to the All Missouri Broadcast Winners

Links to the All Missouri Newspaper/News Magazine Winners

Links to the All Missouri Online Winners

The All Missouri Photography Winners

Links to the All Missouri Yearbook Winners

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Prywitch wins 2021 Student Journalist of the Year https://mipajournalism.com/3946/j-day/3946/ https://mipajournalism.com/3946/j-day/3946/#respond Wed, 24 Mar 2021 19:30:32 +0000 http://mipajournalism.com/?p=3946 MIPA’s Student Journalist of the Year 2021 will be presented to Abby Prywitch, a senior at Parkway Central High School, Chesterfield. She serves as editor-in-chief for the “Corral,” advised by Christine Stricker. Prywitch plans to attend Indiana University and double major in education and journalism.

MIPA SJOY winner, senior Abby Prywitch, Parkway Central High School.

In her essay, Prywitch spoke about leading a publication during a pandemic, “As Editor-in-Chief, I conducted a redesign of the print newspaper and our online website. I used Adobe Photoshop and Indesign to create our new logos. Since we started the school year virtually I had to coordinate all of our reporters working remotely which was not an easy task. I made clear deadlines and made sure to send out reminders to make sure everyone was up to date with what needed to be done. Luckily, our newspaper class met daily so we were able to communicate fairly easily. We have a small staff, so managing the layout for a 24-page broadsheet paper was difficult to do, but I found a way to make it work. With my school switching to a quarter system it did not allow us a lot of time to get everything done, so I ended up designing a handful of the pages on my own time.”

Prywitch will be recognized as the MIPA SJOY during the 52nd annual Journalism Day scheduled for Wednesday, March 31, on the Whova app.

MIPA SJOY winner, senior Abby Prywitch, Parkway Central High School, takes a photo.

In her letter of recommendation, Stricker wrote, “Abby has played a critical role in the journalism department Parkway Central High School. Abby is in her fourth year of the program, starting as a staff writer. As a journalist, Abby leads by example. She is the definition of a team player and skilled communicator. She has an excellent understanding of a journalist’s responsibilities, organization, design and storytelling. She is goal-oriented, organized and efficient.

“As the editor-in-chief, she completed a redesign of the newspaper this year, during a pandemic, no less. Abby is not afraid of a challenge. Last year, she worked hard to get in contact with an alum who won the World Series. She was determined and kept making phone calls (that other students would be afraid to do) until she made contact with the player. Her story, so well written, continues to be our most read story–of all time–on our website.

“She is one of the most hard-working, honest, reliable and trustworthy students that I have had in my 21 years of teaching. She plans to major in journalism and education and I know she will accomplish her goal of being an excellent educator.”

MIPA SJOY winner, senior Abby Prywitch, Parkway Central High School.

Over the years, Prywitch worked for the school newspaper as a staff reporter, social media director, managing editor and editor-in-chief, while winning St. Louis, state and other awards in photography, design, and writing. She’s also a three-year member of Quill & Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists.


  • $2,500 scholarship – Missouri School of Journalism – MU proudly continues the tradition of offering a scholarship to the MIPA SJOY, provided that the MIPA SJOY winner chooses to attend the School of Journalism.
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J-Day App: Download Whova to view schedules and more https://mipajournalism.com/3942/j-day/j-day-app-download-whova-to-view-schedules-and-more/ https://mipajournalism.com/3942/j-day/j-day-app-download-whova-to-view-schedules-and-more/#respond Fri, 19 Mar 2021 15:22:08 +0000 http://mipajournalism.com/?p=3942 The 52nd Annual J-Day App is live on Whova! J-Day begins on Wednesday, March 31, but sessions will be recorded and available on demand for six months after the start time.

Be sure to click below and download the Whova app for iOS or Android to view schedules, see our speakers, and so much more!

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Taft Award honors Heiman and Kelley for service to scholastic journalism https://mipajournalism.com/3934/mipa-board/taft-award-honors-heiman-and-kelley-for-service-to-scholastic-journalism/ https://mipajournalism.com/3934/mipa-board/taft-award-honors-heiman-and-kelley-for-service-to-scholastic-journalism/#respond Tue, 09 Mar 2021 20:11:52 +0000 http://mipajournalism.com/?p=3934 MIPA is excited to announce that the judges voted to name Missouri School of Journalism faculty Suzette Heiman and Ron Kelley as the 2021 Taft Award winners.

Since becoming MIPA’s executive directors, Heiman and Kelley embody the word “outreach” in so many ways!

Executive Director Suzette Heiman

Heiman suggested and helped the MIPA board of directors find innovative new ways to market the organization, reach teachers and administrators statewide, and network with professional journalists and their organizations, as well as sharing learning opportunities both on the University of Missouri campus and around the state. When MIPA celebrated its 95th anniversary and held its 50th Annual Journalism Day, Heiman was instrumental in having those monumental occasions recognized by politicians statewide and on the MU campus, as well as organizing events for journalism teachers to meet and collaborate.

Executive Director Ron Kelley

In the last couple of years, Kelley worked to update the summer scholastic journalism workshops offered to students statewide. His work on diversity and inclusion has created fresh opportunities for student journalists. Also, Kelley worked with the team producing journalism curriculum for use by Missouri teachers, as well as around the world.

During the pandemic, both Heiman and Kelley have been instrumental in assisting MIPA in pivoting to meet the changing needs of journalism educators and students statewide. With quarantine canceling the 51st annual JDay just days before the event last spring, they helped spread the word and encouraged speakers to continue to share their presentations in the first-ever virtual platform. Over the summer, they have worked with the new board of directors to find funding for a new contest platform that promises to make the entire process easier and more effective for everyone, as well as new ways to host the next virtual JDay in a few weeks.

In their decision, judges wrote, “Suzette and Ron are some of the biggest supporters of scholastic journalism in Missouri. They are always looking for opportunities to reach more Missouri students, and they are willing to go above and beyond in order to promote scholastic journalism across the state.” Also, “Suzette and Ron have helped to lead MIPA through a very difficult transitional period, and I believe that the organization is so much stronger because of their tireless work.”

The nomination read, “Suzette Heiman and Ron Kelley have advocated on behalf of MIPA for funding for the transition to the BetterBNC platform for contests and has done a great deal to promote MIPA to non-member schools.”

They will be recognized as the Taft Award winners during the annual Journalism Day on Wednesday, March 31. This year’s presentation will be on a virtual platform. Please watch this website for their acceptance speech(es) to come!

For more information on the award, please read: https://mipajournalism.com/awards/taft-award/ 

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February Photo of the Month winners announced https://mipajournalism.com/3922/featured-posts/february-photo-of-the-month-winners-announced-2/ https://mipajournalism.com/3922/featured-posts/february-photo-of-the-month-winners-announced-2/#respond Thu, 04 Mar 2021 19:16:34 +0000 http://mipajournalism.com/?p=3922 FEBRUARY WINNERS

First Place: Charlene Nguyen, Liberty High School

Sophomore Marianna Tomc reaches for the ball and hopes to pass it off to her teammate, sophomore Kaitlin Davis on Feb. 19 against Liberty North. This was a big game for the lady jays because they were playing their all time rival. “Playing Liberty North is always very stressful, but it is fun to try our best to bring home a win,” Davis said. (Charlene Nguyen)

Judge’s Comments: The repetition in this image with the reflection of players on either side of the court adds interest to the overall picture. The clarity and exposure are well done, and the one subject’s facial expression adds emotion to the action. The caption does a nice job of giving voice to the subject, too. My one suggestion would be to crop a bit tighter; you get even try cropping this image to feature just the two girls jumping for the ball.

Second Place: Hailey Steinbach, Staley High School

During her Visual Art Photography class, senior Lauralei Loftin-Howard asks teacher Manabu Takashi for help adjusting camera settings for her paper sculpture project Feb. 18. The class made sculptures using different lines to create a piece of art that looks like an illusion. “Mr. Takahashi is helping me with the camera because it wouldn’t focus,” said Loftin-Howard. (Hailey Steinbach)

Judge’s Comments: Academic pictures have been extremely challenging this year since many teachers have cut back on direct interaction among students/staff and because masks tend to block out much of the subject’s face. This student did a great job of positioning her camera to get an interesting angle while also getting a clear shot of the action. The framing follows rule of thirds as well, and the caption provides good detail to explain what is happening in the image, though a more in-depth quote from the subject would offer more voice.

Third Place: Sophia Allen, Notre Dame de Sion

To start off the Lenten peer ministry meeting Feb. 18 seniors Katherine Lillis, Hannah McGraw, and Dillan Elmquist lean back and participate in the trust activity set up by director of campus ministry Stephine Pino-Dressman. The senior peer ministers with a group of the freshmen class played a balanced version of tug of war to symbolize leaning on your friends in a time of need. “I like getting to do fun stuff with my classmates and the freshmen,” Lillis said. “It reminds me of why I wanted to be a peer minister in the first place.” (Sophia Allen)

Judge’s Comments: The photographer did a great job of getting repetition in this image. The low angle also allows her to feature more action without having to oddly crop out her subjects. Since there is some empty space at the top of the image, consider taking this as a horizontal image, too, to see if you can fill more of the frame with people/action.

Honorable Mention: Emma Verdine, Willard High School

Erika Torreon (10) engages her peers in a spirited chant during the 2021 Courtwarming Assembly Feb. 23. She said being a tiger means working hard to be better than you were yesterday. “No one is perfect, but we can try,” Torreon said. “School spirit is important because it makes people want to go to school when sometimes waking up early isn’t the easiest thing to do.” (Emma Verdine)

Judge’s Comments: The focus on the megaphone rather than the subject adds a different dimension to this image. Even though it is a photograph, when looking at it you can almost hear the sounds of a school assembly. The photographer did a great job of positioning her camera so the framing follows rule of thirds and so that the megaphone is the clear focal point, which adds depth to the image as well.

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Nixa’s principal wins Administrator of the Year https://mipajournalism.com/3929/j-day/nixas-principal-wins-administrator-of-the-year/ https://mipajournalism.com/3929/j-day/nixas-principal-wins-administrator-of-the-year/#respond Thu, 04 Mar 2021 18:44:01 +0000 http://mipajournalism.com/?p=3929 The Missouri Interscholastic Press Association is excited to recognize Nixa High School Principal David Kelly, Ed.D, as the 2021 Administrator of the Year. MIPA honors administrators who support journalism in our state’s schools.

David Kelly, Ed.D., principal of Nixa High School, earns the MIPA Administrator of the Year Award for 2021.

In the nomination, journalism teacher Beth Eggleston said, “He has been a partner and encourager of Nixa High School’s journalism department since Day One. He has a respect for First Amendment rights and stands back as students gather the news. When it’s time to get involved, he does so confidently and shows a constant respect and appreciation of our journalism department.

“In addition, Dr. Kelly is working with myself and our student journalism leaders to get us a space for a studio. He has been working directly with the leaders of our magazine, yearbook and broadcast program in order to plan out a studio and make it a reality within the next two years. We’ve been working in a crowded classroom, and he sees the struggle. He is working to fix that struggle. He has also made a commitment to finding us funding for new photography and video equipment.

“Dr. Kelly has told me that there is no need for prior review at our school. He said he knows our journalism students are in the business of reporting the news, and they do that well — therefore he trusts that they will continue to produce credible publications, with high ethical standards.

“I love the fact that Dr. Kelly shows confidence in our publications.

“His dedication to our journalism program is constant and greatly appreciated.”

In a time when too many people in the general public push against objective reporting, Nixa High School Principal David Kelly, Ed.D. has shown his commitment to supporting young journalists. He is always available for a last-minute interview. He shows trust in the process of news gathering. He holds professional meetings and interactions with the school’s student journalism leaders. He helps the journalism program grow by offering funding and is actively working to give the department a new studio space. Most of all, he stands back while the journalists report. He understands the power of a free press, and it shines through every day.

He will be recognized as the Missouri Administrator of the Year during the annual Journalism Day on Wednesday, March 31.

This year’s presentation will be on a virtual platform. Please watch this website for his acceptance speech to come!

For more information on the award, please read: http://mipajournalism.com/awards/administrator-of-the-year-2/

https://mipajournalism.com/3929/j-day/nixas-principal-wins-administrator-of-the-year/feed/ 0
52nd Journalism Awards Day Registration Opens https://mipajournalism.com/3919/j-day/52nd-journalism-awards-day-registration-opens/ https://mipajournalism.com/3919/j-day/52nd-journalism-awards-day-registration-opens/#respond Wed, 24 Feb 2021 17:11:54 +0000 http://mipajournalism.com/?p=3919 MIPA’s Virtual J-Day registration is open now until March 30. Our partner and host for this unique year is Whova, and unfortunately their system only allows 10 tickets per registration, but you can register more than once.

Be on the lookout for the schedule of available sessions.

One advantage to going virtual this year is that the sessions will remain available for months after J-Day, so some sessions can even be viewed by your classes at the start of next school year.

Please click the link below to register:

Register Now on Whova

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January Photo of the Month winners announced https://mipajournalism.com/3902/contests/january-photo-of-the-month-winners-announced/ https://mipajournalism.com/3902/contests/january-photo-of-the-month-winners-announced/#respond Thu, 04 Feb 2021 22:01:30 +0000 http://mipajournalism.com/?p=3902 JANUARY WINNERS

First Place: Sophia Eaton, Rock Bridge High School

It is unknown if the existing vaccines will prove effective on this new strain of Covid-19. New evidence was found that some immune responses driven by current vaccines could be less effective against some of the new variants of the coronavirus. This piece was made to symbolize American distrust in healthcare. (Sophia Eaton)

Judge’s Comments: This is an extremely relevant photo illustration for right now, and the photographer did a great job of setting a mood that captures the essence of the message they are trying to convey. Even though it is an illustration, they also adhere to rule of thirds, and the clarity and lighting is clear and effective.

Second Place: Ada Pipkins, Francis Howell High School

Looking at the water, freshman Elizabeth Sorocko performs her dive, Jan. 5 at the Saint Peters Rec Plex against Timberland. Timberland won with a score of 142 to Howell’s 70. (Ada Pipkins)

Judge’s Comments: This is a refreshing take on swimming and diving pictures. The photographer was in the perfect spot to capture the subject in her environment in a clear and properly exposed image, which can be very challenging with the speed of the action and the lighting situation of a pool. My only suggestion would be to frame the subject a bit tighter, and if possible, add a quote to the caption.

Third Place: Ana Manzano, Rock Bridge High School

Senior guard Nick Arndt makes a layup against the Capital City Cavaliers on Tuesday, Jan. 5. The Bruins won the game 71-45. (Ana Manzano)

Judge’s Comments: While the framing of the image is a bit off (hands and feet are cut off at points), it is the expression and emotion that comes through in the subject’s face that makes this image. The audience can clearly feel the athlete’s determination in the moment. The photographer also did a nice job with exposure, but a quote in the caption would give more voice to the subject.

Honorable Mention: Maggie Carpenter, Notre Dame de Sion

Performing with the ensemble of ‘The Theory of Relativity’, junior Tess Tappan reaches out to the video camera from her own galaxy decorated soapbox, Jan. 14. The musical was held in the gym this year and crew and cast were given two open tickets each night for family and friends, while students and faculty were invited to watch any of the available live streams. ” I had a few family members from around the country watch, and I’m really glad I could share this with them,” Tappan said. “The show is about connectivity, a reminder of how everyone is loved and needed and important. It’s especially fitting during a global pandemic when people need that reminder of how we are all here and now, together, and we will get through this.” (Maggie Carpenter)

Judge’s Comments: Even with the subject’s eyes as the only visible part of her face, there is an intensity to her expression that is interesting, almost as if the viewer can sense her movement from the still image. Though the clarity might not be the sharpest, the photographer did a great job of framing the main subject in the foreground while capturing the background subjects in a repetitive way. The caption is also very well-written.

https://mipajournalism.com/3902/contests/january-photo-of-the-month-winners-announced/feed/ 0
Apply for one of the annual Awards – SJOY, JTOY, EJE, AOY and more ready for applications https://mipajournalism.com/3897/j-day/apply-for-one-of-the-annual-awards-sjoy-jtoy-eje-aoy-and-more-ready-for-applications/ https://mipajournalism.com/3897/j-day/apply-for-one-of-the-annual-awards-sjoy-jtoy-eje-aoy-and-more-ready-for-applications/#respond Wed, 20 Jan 2021 04:21:47 +0000 http://mipajournalism.com/?p=3897 It’s time to launch the awards for outstanding work and support in the field of journalism education.

Each year MIPA recognizes seven individuals or companies for their exceptional work or inspiring contributions.

This year’s opportunities to be recognized or to nominate others for recognition include:

  • MIPA Student Journalist of the Year – visit this webpage for details on a senior portfolio competition – deadline Feb. 12, 2021
  • Journalism Teacher of the Year – visit this webpage for details on being recognized as an experienced journalism teacher – deadline Feb. 12, 2021
  • Emerging Journalism Educator – if you are new to being a journalism teacher and already rocking this career, visit this webpage – deadline Feb. 12, 2021
  • Administrator of the Year – this webpage details how to nominate that special administrator who has supported your programs – deadline Feb. 12, 2021
  • Contributing Medium – maybe you have a business that has helped your program in some manner, nominate it here – deadline Feb. 12, 2021
  • Taft Award – visit this webpage to nominate someone or an organization that has contributed much to journalism education – deadline Feb. 12, 2021
  • Knight Award – the Knights have defended or supported student press freedom in some manner, nominate from this webpage – deadline Feb. 12, 2021
https://mipajournalism.com/3897/j-day/apply-for-one-of-the-annual-awards-sjoy-jtoy-eje-aoy-and-more-ready-for-applications/feed/ 0
2020-2021 Contests Open https://mipajournalism.com/3879/j-day/2020-2021-contests-open/ https://mipajournalism.com/3879/j-day/2020-2021-contests-open/#respond Thu, 07 Jan 2021 13:23:24 +0000 http://mipajournalism.com/?p=3879 January 7, 2021–The Individual and Overall contests for MIPA are officially open. Most deadlines are February 12, 2021. Please check the Individual Contests page for more information and to enter.

https://mipajournalism.com/3879/j-day/2020-2021-contests-open/feed/ 0